From purchase to delivery is only a small step now. IC is experienced in overseas logistics for more than 25 years. We take care for safe and efficient delivery. You have access to swift transportation between continents.

Industrial goods — delivered in time and within the budget is our mission. Our logistics department handles a broad range of products day by day.
Logistics run a state of the art storage right at the munich airport. We make sure your deliveries are in time and properly handled:

  • Accurate follow-up of delivery deadlines and contracts
  • Registered reception of your goods in our storage
  • Qualitative and quantitative control of goods
  • Each single package gets labeled by customer tracking ID’s
  • Adequate warehousing and suitable packaging
  • Consolidated loads and schedules
  • Reliable coordination of delivery
  • Preparation of documentation, aligned to your guidelines and legal formalities in the country of destination
  • Timely dispatch of urgent deliverables
  • Quick courier services (door-to-door)