Your Trade Support Partner

Market intelligence by technical & commercial consulting

We guide you through the European market safely. No matter if you have questions on industrial goods or terms and conditions. Our consultants will help.


Technical Support

‘Technical Support’ provides specific answers on industrial goods — beyond MRO items. We know specific suppliers in the European market and reach out for crucial contacts.

Search expertise for your product demands

We investigate into a foreign market. Our findings help you to meet successful decisions ‘Technical Support’ shares insight in overseas trading business.

Getting the crucial piece of information

Technical consultants reach out for the expert contact on the supplier side. We daily communicate and negotiate with suppliers — on your behalf.

Our supplier network works for you

Be able to compare foreign suppliers in a foreign market easily! We place quotes in different destinations with different suppliers in different languages. Because our supplier network offers endless opportunities.

Successful purchase decisions

Documents and illustrative material is processed by us. It is your backup of relevant contribution for a reasonable purchase decision. We gather and share all relevant documents.

Commercial Support – Smart Purchase Decisions

A clear view on pricing makes your decision easier. ‘Commercial Support’ sheds a light on conditions. The record is always set straight for our customers from big data into deep insight.

Overview on prices and hidden costs

‘Commercial Support’ elaborates on price ranges in Europe’s markets for the product you are looking for. We are used to compare prices and properties of industrial goods on a daily base.

Strategic Purchasing

‘Commercial Support’ knows about market conditions with impact on your purchase. When analyzing options, we seriously pay attention to the heartbeat of the market.

Stay clear of legal risks!

Experienced IC consultants help to avoid legal traps before they turn your engagement into a costly adventure. Legal practice in Europe is different in many aspects. It’s formalities are familiar to us.

Smart payment

Payment options are explained to and evaluated with you depending on amounts and schedules. Some favorable options may be a matter of negotiations. We provide consulting services on all payment aspects covering terms, rates, methods of payment. IC helps you to exploit your budget. Our strong position as an experienced market scout is your advantage.

Overseas Market Research

You need to be one step ahead! Market conditions change over night.

Overseas markets research is in reach

We are visiting fairs and doing media research and investigations day by day. The consulting staff gathers latest news, most recent products and emerging vendors. Many eyes and ears on our side are monitoring market shifts. We add a strategic perspective to your purchase with great value.